Gina Lorini

Favorite Quote: “I do not literally Paint that table, but the emotion it produces upon me.” Henry Matisse


Name: Gina Lorini

Years in Education: 20

Professional/Qualifications & Experience:

About this class

In our first years of life art becomes our first language since it is still difficult for us to express ourselves with words. Art becomes our expressive medium to share ideas, feelings and sensations.

As an Art Instructor, I give children the opportunity to create a situation, by guiding them with questions in order to generate a reflection where they can build their learning with multiple answers. 

For example in one lesson students had to draw a forest. Before they started I asked them what was the forest to each one of them, so that they would all hear that every single one of them had a different perception of a forest. 

Students were able to talk and hear their friends sharing all types of different ideas about forests. Some with huge trees, with amazing colorful flowers, with strange bugs, with only snakes and with amazing creatures like gnomes.

Fun Facts

I feel like I've always been surrounded by art since I was very little, first in classical ballet classes. Where I found what really was true!

Then my interest in drawing and painting captivated me completely when I went to Santiago de Chile to study art at the Finnis Terrae University. I have been teaching children for 20 years and my Great Purpose is to FIND IN THEM THAT HIDDEN TALENT TROUGH THE IMAGINATION THE ART GIVES YOU.