Fatima Lazarte

Favorite Quote: “ Ballet is like dreaming on your feet”


  • Name: Fatima Lazarte

  • Years in Education: 20

Professional/Qualifications & Experience:

  • Degrees:
          • Bachelors degree in Psychology.
          • Master of Arts in Literature.
          • Professional dancer, soloist and teacher.
  • Professional training:
          • Attended international courses and seminars: Colon Theater Buenos Aires Argentina, Reina Perez, Natasha Lagunas, Clarisa Falcon from Mexico, Stella Quintana from Venezuela, Gabor Menich from Hungary, Konstanty Uralsky from Russia.

Fun Facts

I've been dancing since I was 5 years old, my passion has always been to strive for excellence while dancing.The best years of my life is when I lived in Argentina and performed. I love teaching and I learn from small children every day.