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The ACS Pool will be closed to the community next week beginning on Saturday September 22 at 7:00p.m. The pool heater needs to be turned off and diagnosed, therefore we are not able to maintain a comfortable temperature for swimming. All extra-curricular activities involving the pool will be cancelled for the week of September 24-28).

Earlier this month we ordered a brand new industrial pool heater as part of our commitment to capital improvement in anticipation of challenges associated with our current heater. That heater is currently on its way from the US. In the meantime, I apologize for this disruption and I will be keeping you up to date as I receive more information.


Please remember that lower elementary students must be supervised by a parent or care-giver until their after school program begins or during free time between activities.

Upper elementary students may stay in the Library until the library closes at 4pm. Students must be picked up promptly from their activities. Supervision is not available after scheduled activity hours.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Just click on the Elementary drop down menu(on top of the page), for specific information about Athletic, Fine Art and Academic activities offered, as well as location, cost, schedule, and instructors profiles.

Useful Resources

    • Are Extracurricular Activities important? - Click here to learn more.
    • Choosing Extra-Curricular Activities for Your Children - All parents want their children to be well-rounded, balanced individuals and extra-curricular activities give children the opportunity to develop their skills in various areas so children develop a number of interests and talents. Although multiple activities can encourage development of different types of skills such as artistic and athletic abilities but more than 2 or 3 activities in one period like a school term or throughout one season can be expensive and will lead to an exhausted child. Read more.

Booster Club

The Athletic Booster Club is an organization that is formed to support the school athletic program. The ACS Athletic Booster Club is formed by a group of community members (parents, coaches, school staff, etc.) that are dedicated and committed to making a difference in the lives and the experience of our student athletes and coaches. If you wish to join this club please contact Milthon Carrasco or Carolina Blanco.

Athletic Booster Club Guidelines

Street Address: Calle 10 y Pasaje Kantutas

Calacoto, La Paz Bolivia

Mailing Address: c/o American Embassy, La Paz, Bolivia

Phone: 591-2-279-2302

Fax: 591-2-279-7218