Favorite Quote: “ You can't fall if you don't climb”


  • Name: Marie Pissoort

  • Years in Education: 6

Professional/Qualifications & Experience:

  • Degrees:
        • Bachelor In Journalism and Communication
        • Master in International Relations
        • Master in Population and Development Sciences
        • Advanced Master in Human RightsBachelor in Humanities Don Bosco School.
  • Professional experience:
      • Project management for NGOs and the Belgian Cooperation in Belgium, Peru and Bolivia.
      • Sport instructor in Summer Camp for 5 years in Belgium
      • Involved in national competition in gymnastics and hand ball for 5 years in Belgium
      • Organizer of BLOQUEando, unique climbing festival in Bolivia
      • Climbing instructor for children at the Cueva Boulder Gym in La Paz

Fun Facts

I am Belgian living in Bolivia since 5 years now and I am really happy after living in the most flat country of the world to have the chance to enjoy rocks and mountains all over the city of La Paz!

I am a passionate of climbing since I am a child, and I know it is a complete sport for children. They learn concentration, balance, coordination, and confidence. I am sure a lot of children can benefit of it.