Grecia Molina

Favorite Quote: "The only thing better than singing is more singing" Ella Fitzgerald


Name: Grecia Molina

Class given: CHOIR

Years in Education: 10

Professional/Qualifications & Experience:

  • Degrees:
            • Technician in Arts, major in Pure Arts - Rafael Monasterios Visual Arts School, 2003.
            • Bachelor of Arts in Education, major in teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) - University of Carabobo, 2010.
            • Specialist in Teaching English as a foreign language - SimonBolivar University, degree expected in 2018.
  • Professional vocal training and experience:
            • 2003 Enrolled in a Church Choir and performed locally with them for a year Aragua, Venezuela.
            • 2006 Took Choral singing courses at Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela.
            • 2009-2016 Worked as a chorus vocalist and as soloist at a local Christian Community Church in Aragua, Venezuela. Started delivering singing classes to the Church choir members.
            • 2015-2016 Organized two small concerts at the Univesity campus with the support of the faculty Dean, in carabobo, Venezuela.
            • 2017 Started singing studies at the Music School in Carabobo, venezuela.
            • July 2017- June 2018 Joined the Faculty Choir at the International School of Carabobo in Venezuela. Also started a small choir with elementary students from the school.
            • October 2018 - Present Joined the Music Vision Gospel Choir under the lead of Vania Torrez, musician, singing coach and choir conductor. "
            • June 2019 - Present Taking Choral Conduction classes with Ms. Vania Torrez."

Fun Facts

My interest in singing was originally displayed in my early childhood with the creation of a cousins' singing group that included our very first songwriting project: "Amistad Sonada" (Something like 'auditive friendship'). Our dancing and singing performances on holidays or family occasions gave music a special place in my life.

Being passionate for singing, I joined the students' choir in both elementary and high school and even participated in a few school singing contests. Later in my teens, became a self-taught vocalist and jumpstarted my singing career by singing at church and at friends' weddings.

I now keep singing and composing on vocation. I have discovered how enriching and satisfying it is to create music with our voices and how it adds to a person's inner confidence and development. I am recently exploring the area of vocal coaching in which I want to keep training myself.