• Name: Erick Lanza

  • Years in Education: 14

Professional/Qualifications & Experience:

  • Degrees:
        • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. La Paz - Bolivia
        • Teacher Certification in Physical Education and Health. La Paz - Bolivia
  • Certifications:
        • CPR/AED
        • Physical Education for Down Syndrome.
  • Professional training:
        • Sports Clinic by the Professor Andres Lillini - Club Atletico Boca Juniors
        • Sports Medicine Resources for Soccer.
        • Volleyball training for children and teens.
        • Course in Pedagogy and Didactic in Soccer Training.
        • Methodology of Sports Training in Soccer - Buenos Aires Argentina
        • Course for Soccer Instructors organized by FIFA and the Chilean Federation of Soccer. Viña del Mar - Chile

Fun Facts

I am person who comes from a family of athletes who enjoy, live and love football. Generation after generation I was able to compete in this beautiful sport in a professional way like my father Eric Lanza. From which I learned many things but above all respect for others and unconditional love for the family.

I learned that to achieve goals one must be honest, responsible, disciplined and consistent.

Finishing my sports career with many satisfactions I decided to do something for the children of my region (La Paz) and driven by my mother Angélica Zeballos Diaz who is the pillar of my family I decided to become a physical education teacher. Since I believe that knowledge is fundamental to be able to achieve changes, to improvements the reality of sports in Bolivia.

I discovered on the way that the satisfactions in teaching is so beautiful that has nothing to do with the recognition of people, or winning tournaments but on the contrary these great moments are found in seeing your work reflected in the smile of a child, in the joy of enjoying the sport, those are the most beautiful recognitions of this path.

I believe in our childhood, in the enormous potential our children have, and I want to be part in contributing with a lot of humility in their formation.