Eduardo Pacheco

Favorite Quote: “ You can't fall if you don't climb”


  • Name: Eduardo Pacheco

  • Years in Education: 10

Professional/Qualifications & Experience:

  • Degrees: Bachelor in Humanities Don Bosco School.
        • Physical Education Teacher Institute Private of Physical Education I.P.E.F.
        • Bachelors degree in Kinesiology and Psychiatry, Universidad de Buenos Aires.
  • Certifications:
      • Curso de Ejercicio físico Salud y fitness (Habitologia) Universidad de Buenos Aires Centro Cultural Rector Ricardo Rojas.
      • Pilates instructor, beginners, intermediate and advanced. Pilatesol Argentina
      • Climbing wall trainer intermediate and advanced. Pilatesol Argentina
      • Mountain training. (Escuela de Montaña) Bs.As. Argentina
      • Security technics and rock and ice climbing.
  • Professional training:
      • Member of SAR Bolivia
      • Member of Cruz Roja Boliviana
      • Member of Club Andino Boliviano
      • Ascent to Sajama (Bolivia), Huayna Potosi (Bolivia)
      • Rock climbing to Giants of cordoba (Argentina), and Volcano Lanin (Argentina)
      • Trekking in the Inca trails

Fun Facts

I have 3 kids, and enjoy climbing with them. I also enjoy trekking and extreme sports such as ice climbing. One of my favorite moments was reaching the summit of the mountain Huayna Potosi.