Consuelo Calvo

Favorite quote: " I hate quotes " Consuelo Calvo


  • Name: Consuelo Calvo Soux

  • Years in Education: 15

Professional/Qualifications & Experience:

  • Degrees: Técnico (normalista) en Educación Inicial (UCB)
        • Licenciada en Educación Inicial (UCB)
        • Master in Tecnología Educativa (Tecnológico de Monterrey).
  • Certifications: Elementary K-5, Early Childhood Education, Spanish K-12
  • Professional training: ISTE (2016), EdTech (2017).

Fun Facts

I have always been curious about coding. When I found and saw how easy it was to learn to code, I thought it was a wonderful way to develop language, math, spatial and logical skills in children. It is also an amazing way to work perseverance and creativity.